Our People Entertainment elevates the hardest working entertainment professionals to gather and unite diverse communities to experience. Our employees, contractors, clients and event attendees are Our People Together, we explore and transform the human experience to shape our legacy as event and marketing industry changemakers with purpose and intention. Our unity creates a home on every gig and build relationships that bypass challenges and exceed expectations.

OUR Values


We pursue individual and collective journeys of discovery by exploring our passions that ignite our imaginations. We use intentional questioning to challenge the status quo and investigate the diversity of beauty in the human experience.


We are invested in curating an environment that supports the greatest evolution for our customers partners, employees, and contractors. We invite vulnerability, accept discomfort, and through reflection we find perseverance. We believe that personal growth should be the most important thing in your life.


We create a diverse environment. We’re all living. Things are respected and appreciated, where similarities and differences are celebrated equally, and our professional relationships are transformed into family. Driven by the pillars of community, collaboration, and empathy, we lead the industry with our magnetism. Our family is our people.


We are in constant pursuit of leaving this world better than we found. We feel responsible for our hard work, talent, and integrity to uplift human experiences in advance, industry, standards for individual and community wellness. Our fingerprints are the sensational memories, relieved by patrons and our people.

OUR Responsibility

We are developing corporate, social responsibility, directives that fall under the areas: environmental, ethical, philanthropic, and economic responsibilities. By refining our recruitment and hiring practices, procurement and supplies channels, transportation, and design choices, labor practices, charitable, giving, and service projects within these areas, we hope to strengthen our work of materializing a better world for all of us we will publicly share our commitments, actions, and data around where we are and where we intend to go as this work advances.

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